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What do we do and how do we do it..

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To put it simply - we use our experience to make metal detecting accessories for fellow enthusiasts which have no equals anywhere in the world. We mean it - Thesaurus Detecting makes the best and toughest covers and bags. Period. Why? Because manufacturers everywhere in order to increase their profit cut corners wherever and whenever they can. They use inferior materials, make their products in the Far East or anywhere is the cheapest and do not worry about aftermarket care.
Thesaurus Detecting uses completely different approach:

  • Each and everyone of our covers and bags is handmade by us and only by us on our premises in Britain
  • We use only the best and toughest fabrics, including original Cordura and Ballistic, as used by Special Forces
  • On most of our products we use not one but THREE separate layers of fabric for toughness, weatherproofness and complete peace of mind
  • Each cover is carefully designed for the specific model as there are always subtle differences
  • Our threads, velcros, zips etc., are all military grade
  • We are so proud of our products that each carries a Lifetime Guarantee

On the left you will see photos of just few of our products together with a short description. Do not hesitate to write to us with any questions or comments. Do not accept any substitutes - ask about Thesaurus Detecting accessories at your local metal detecting specialist.

Thesaurus Detecting - Tougher Than The Rest!

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